The Conference

The Botton-Champalimaud International Pancreatic Cancer Conference (BCIPCC) stands as a landmark event for the Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Center in 2024. This distinguished gathering aims to unite leading minds in surgery, oncology, basic and translational science to tackle the complexities of pancreatic cancer.

This conference will serve as a pivotal platform for the exchange of groundbreaking insights, state-of-the-art surgical methodologies, and innovative therapeutic approaches. BCIPCC will emphasise collaboration among global experts to accelerate progress in understanding, diagnosing, and treating pancreatic cancer to enhance patient care and outcomes on a global scale.

Four hundred participants are expected in Lisboa for this 3-day multi-track event which will gather world-renowned surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, translational researchers, and basic scientists at the Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre and the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown.

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Local Organizer of 8th IWFC

International Liaison Committee for the 8th IWFC